Experts guide

  • B. Anthony Billings
  • Professor of Accounting
  • International business competition, Export tax, Tax on foreign income, Capital allocation among industrial nations, Accounting

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  • Abhijit Biswas
  • Kmart Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing; Ph.D. Program Advisor
  • Consumer Behavior, Psychological Effects of Pricing, Advertising Effects and Cross-cultural Issues, Public Policy.

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  • Timothy W. Butler
  • Associate Professor of Global Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Improvement, Multi-criteria decision-making, Automotive Supply Chain Management, Advanced Statistical Analysis

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  • Sudip Datta
  • T. Norris Hitchman Endowed Chair; Professor of Finance
  • Executive Compensation, Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs, Capital Structure, Investment Banking, Insider Trading, Corporate Bankruptcy, Analysts' Forecasts, Stock and Bond Markets

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  • Anthony Duminski
  • Part-Time Faculty in Information Systems Management
  • Professional experience as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in several major healthcare centers and as a Senior Managing Consultant in the Healthcare Information Technology practice of two large consulting firms. Currently President of The Norris Group, Inc., a Michigan based IT Management Consulting firm, and a Principal with a medium-sized US Healthcare IT Management Consulting organization.

    Adjunct faculty at Wayne State University teaching ISM/MGT 5900 Project Management and ISM 3630 Business Information Systems.

  • Bertie Greer
  • Associate Dean for Strategy and Planning &
    Associate Professor of Global Supply Chain Management
  • Dr. Greer has practical experience in project management, process improvement, buyer-supplier relationships, manufacturing and quality management. Dr. Greer trains and consults with local businesses in the area of supply chain, inventory management, Manufacturing Resource planning and Diversity. She has industry experience with Timken Roller Bearing, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler/Jeep in Management and Engineering.

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  • Thaddaeus Irby
  • Part-Time Faculty in Management
  • Research:

    Generations in today's workforce, Leadership Behaviors, Employee Motivation, and Organizational Culture.


    Contemporary Principles of Management: This introduction course covers management functions and focuses on fundamental management theories, principles, definitions and concepts. This includes ethics, values, globalization, planning, strategy, decision making, organizational culture, innovation, motivation, leadership, communication, and quality control from both historical and forward-thinking perspectives.

    Strategic Management: This capstone course focuses on the application of theory and concepts regarding strategic formulation and implementation from the perspective of senior management, to integrate the functional areas and provide a unified direction for the firm when it is operating in complex local and/or global environments.


    Proven professional and U.S. Air Force veteran with experience in Program Management, Business Management, Organizational Development, Process Management, IT Service Management, Business Development, Systems Engineering, Strategic Planning, Configuration Management, and Proposal Writing in Automotive, IT, Engineering, and DoD environments.

  • Mai Iskandar-Datta
  • Professor of Finance
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Faculty Fellow
    Board of Visitors Fellow
    Dean's Research Chair
  • Corporate governance, Clawback provisions, Leveraged buyouts, Executive compensation, Product market power, Industry competition, International corporate cash holdings, Earnings management, Internal capital markets (intra-firm), Mergers and acquisitions, Corporate financing decisions, Investment banking, Initial public offerings, Bond covenant structure, Pricing of corporate debt, Corporate restructuring and bankruptcy

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  • Christine Jackson
  • Chair, Department of Management and Information Systems
    Professor of Management
  • Leadership, Fairness in the Workplace, Team Effectiveness, Relationship Building & Interpersonal Skills (trust, active listening, feedback, difficult conversations, conflict management)

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  • Scott Julian
  • Associate Professor of Management
  • Based on Teaching

    • Strategic Management
    • Social Issues in Business

    Based on Research

    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Strategic Issue Diagnosis
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Diversity in Organizations



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  • Emily Kravetz
  • Co-Director, Mike Ilitch School of Business Corporate Mentor Program
  •  Career advice, Career preparation, Hiring trends, Resume writing, Mentorship

  • Kyunghee Lee
  • Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management
    • Economics of Information Systems
    • The Strategic Value of Information Systems
    • Data Analytics
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  • Norman Lewis
  • Part-Time Faculty in Information Systems Management
  • Systems strategy and planning, Systems design, Nexus of business and information technology, Machine learning

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  • David Lucas
  • Part-Time Faculty in Management
  • The practice of professional leadership.

    Entrepreneurial coach and mentor.

  • James Martin
  • Professor of Management and Industrial Relations
  • Labor relations, Collective bargaining, Compensation administration, Union stewards, Contract ratification, Union loyalty, Part-time work, Work satisfaction, Effective crew chief utilization

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  • Marick Masters
  • Professor of Management
    Interim Chair of Finance
  • Business and labor political activity, Labor unions, Union finances, Federal/public sector labor-management relations, Conflict management, Negotiations, Workplace privacy, Employee voice and engagement, U.S. elections

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  • Marian Mety
  • Core Adjunct Faculty, Management
  • Teaching Expertise

    • Organizational Behavior
    • Management and Supervision
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Human Resource Management

    Research Expertise

    • Leadership Theory
    • Self-efficacy
    • Female Leadership
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  • Thomas J. Naughton
  • Associate Professor of Management
  • Employment, Jobs, Supervisor-employee relationships, Enlightened management, Adapting to a new supervisor/employee, Corporate mergers, Downsizing, Employee teamwork 

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  • Tamme Quinn Grzebyk
  • Senior Lecturer of Management
  • Experiential Expertise
    Personnel management, appraisal and succession planning
    Emotional intelligence and personality in the workplace
    Reflection and performance improvement
    Customer support leadership
    Corporate culture evaluation
    Departmental restructuring
    Process improvement
    Knowledge management
    Enterprise learning and development
    Course design and development
    Small business marketing communications
    Event management and implementation

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  • Cristina Recchia
  • Part-Time Faculty in Information Systems Management

    • Innovation and Diffusion
    • SaaS and Agility
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Technology and Inertia
    • Digital Sales and Consulting
    • Solution Selling Sales Leadership
    • New Business and Territory Planning
    • Managing Complex Sales Cycles
    • Buliding Executive Relationships
    • Pioneering Innovative Directions
    • Customer Retention/Referrals
    • Enterprise Technology Sales
  • Alan Reinstein
  • George R. Husband Endowed Professor of Accounting
  • Current auditing and accounting issues, Fraudulent financial reporting, Business valuations, Bankruptcy, Changes in accounting education, Accounting

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  • Kiantee Rupert-Jones
  • Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs
  • Student advising, Recruitment trends in graduate admissions and graduate programs implementation.

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  • Ajit Sharma
  • Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management
  • Business Analytics

    Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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  • Gary Shields
  • Lecturer of Management
  • Entrepreneurism; creativity and innovation; improvisation training; youth entrepreneurism; organization behavior; Detroit small business;

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  • Mark Sockness C.M.A.
  • Part-Time Faculty in Accounting
  •  Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Pricing, Financial Planning and Analysis, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, International Operations, Lean Processes and the Finance Team, Blackbelt

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  • Albert Spalding
  • Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Ethics, Business ethics, Epistemology, Moral sense, Morality, Corporate governance, Tax, Taxation, Income tax, Estate tax, Gift tax, Generation-skipping tax, Fiduciary accounting, Trusts, Estates, Probate, Audit committee, Board of directors, Liability 

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  • Myles Stern
  • Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Accounting, Business computer networks, Management of information systems, Information systems for manufacturing firms

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  • Jeffrey Stoltman
  • Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs
    Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Consumer behavior, Advertising and promotion, Marketing management 

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  • Jing Sun
  • Assistant Professor of Management
  • Strategic alliances and network, Knowledge transfer and innovation performance, Strategic renewal

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  • Scott Tainsky
  • Associate Professor of Management
    Director of Sport and Entertainment Management
  •  Sport & Entertainment Management

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  • Andrea Tangari
  • Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Marketing and public policy, Food and nutrition labeling, Sustainable marketing, Corporate social responsibility  

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  • John Taylor
  • Chair, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management
    Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
  • Supply chain management

    Automotive Industry Supply Chain Management

    Logistics Management

    Transportation Policy

    International Logistics

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  • Francesca Toscano
  • Assistant Professor of Finance
    • Credit ratings
    • Effects of regulations on credit ratings
    • Role of equity analysts
    • Dynamics of CEO turnover
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  • William Volz
  • Distinguished Service Professor of Business Law and Ethics
  • Commercial law and regulation, Business ethics, Constitutional law, Taxation policy 

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  • Dennis Weislo
  • Part-Time Faculty in Management
  • Specialties: employee and labor relations, recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, payroll management and administration, training and development, University-level college instruction, health, safety, and security (OSHA Compliance), mergers and acquisitions, and labor and employment law.

    Additional Expertese:

    Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Onboarding, Recruiting, Personnel Management, Employment Law, New Hire Orientations, Organizational Development, Employee Training, Payroll Management and Administration, Performance Management, Benefits Administration, Interviews, Sourcing of Employment Candidates, Health, Safety and Security, Mergers and Accquisitions, Employment Policy Development and Administration. 

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  • David Williams
  • Associate Professor of Marketing (Emeritus)
  • Marketing research, Consumer behavior, Marketing strategy 

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  • Leah Wolf
  • Part-Time Faculty in Management and Information Systems
  • Business management, Project administration, Management information systems, Supply chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Production operations

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  • Attila Yaprak
  • Professor of Marketing and International Business
    Board of Visitors Fellow
    Ph.D. Program Director
  • International business issues, U.S.-China and U.S.-India trade and investment problems/prospects, U.S. trade problems/prospects with Japan and/or Europe, U.S.-Canada trade issues, Strategic alliances in the auto industry, Impact of globalization on business and labor, U.S.-Latin America issues, U.S.-Middle East issues 

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  • Hakan Yildiz
  • Associate Professor of Global Supply Chain Management
  •  Supply Chain Risk Management, Logistics Optimization, Transportation, Supply Chain Analytics

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