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Alicia Shankland


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Alicia Shankland


I've spent most of my career -- more than 25 years --  leading within fast-growth, innovative companies in technology, internet, telecommunications, digital marketing, professional services industries. I been the CHRO in large, global organizations and smaller, scrappy pre-IPO companies.

I've had amazing opportunities to craft people strategies to support the performance, culture, rapid change needed to accelerate business results within companies that leverage HR to its full extent.

Along the way, I've been privileged with invitatations to serve as adjunct faculty to teach HR courses as well as management, business communication, organizational behavior, organizational design, and change management.

What I strive to bring to the classroom is a blend of what I've learned as life-long academic instructor and a practitioner. Teaching is a passion.  I work hard to become better with each class I teach.  I am grateful for what I learn from every class, every student .



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