Ranjan D'Mello

Ranjan D'Mello


Professor of Finance






Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Ave.
Room 375
Detroit, MI 48201

Ranjan D'Mello

Academic Programs

  • Finance


Corporate finance, agency theory, payout policy, market microstructure

Research and teaching interests

  • Corporate Finance
  • Agency Theory
  • Payout Policy


  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1995
  • MBA, The Ohio State University, 1990
  • M.Com, Sydenham College, 1988
  • B.Com, Sydenham College, 1986  


 D'Mello is a member of FMA and AFA.


  • Economic Policy Uncertainty and Short-Term Financing: The Case of Trade Credit, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.
  • Shareholders valuation of long-term debt and decline in firms’ leverage ratio, 2018, Journal of Corporate Finance, 48, 352-374.
  • Internal Control and Internal Capital Allocation: Evidence from Internal Capital Market of Multi-segment Firms, 2017, Ranjan D’Mello, Xinghua Gao, and Yonghong Jia, Review of Accounting Studies, 22, 251-287.
  • Introduction of Equity-Based Compensation and Impact on Firm Policies, 2014, Ranjan D'Mello and Mercedes Miranda, Advances in Financial Economics, 17, 153-192.
  • Are the Benefits of Debt Declining? The Decreasing Propensity of Firms to be Adequately Levered, 2014, Ranjan D'Mello and Mark Gruskin, Journal of Corporate Finance, 29, 327-350.
  • Fundamentals or Fiction: What drives equity pricing?, 2013, Ranjan D'Mello and Mark Gruskin, Banking and Finance Review, 5, 1-20.
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  • Executive Compensation and Internal Capital Market Efficiency, 2009, Sudip Datta, Ranjan D'Mello, and Mai-Iskandar-Datta, Journal of Financial Intermediation, 18, 242-258.
  • Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from Spin-offs, 2008, Ranjan D'Mello, Sudha Krishnaswami, and Patrick Larkin, Journal of Banking and Finance, 32, 1209-1220.
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