Anand Jha

Anand Jha


Associate Professor of Finance





Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Avenue
Room 399
Detroit, MI 48201

Anand Jha

Academic Programs

  • Finance


Social capital, Corporate misbehavior, Financial Institutions

Research and teaching interests

  • Empirical corporate finance
  • Behavioral finance
  • Social capital
  • Financial Institutions


  • Ph.D., Business Administration,Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Master of Business,Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • Bachelor of Arts, (Economics and Mathematics), Cum Laude, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana



  • US political corruption and audit fees, (with Manoj Kulchania, and Jared Smith), 2020, Accounting Review (forthcoming)
  • On Accounting's 21st Century Challenge: Evidence on the Relation between Intangible Assets and Audit Fees, (with Sudip Datta and Manoj Kulchania), 2019, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 55(1),123 -162.
  • Financial reports and social capital, 2019, Journal of Business Ethics 155(2), 567-596.
  • Formation of cross-border corporate strategic alliances: The roles of trust and cultural, institutional, and geographical distances (with YoungJun Kim, and Sandra Gutierrez-Wirsching), 2019, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 21: 22-38.
  • It pays to partner with a firm that writes annual reports well (with Mufaddal Baxamusa,  Abu Jalal), 2018, Journal of Banking & Finance 92, 13-34.
  • Quiet life no more? Corporate bankruptcy and bank competition (with Todd Gormley and Nandini Gupta), 2018, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (JFQA),53(2) 581-611.
  • Political leanings and social capital (with Christopher Boudreaux and Vasabjit Banerjee), 2018, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics,72, 95-105.
  • Corporate social responsibility and social capital (with James Cox) , 2015, Journal of Banking & Finance 60, 252-270.
  •  Audit fees and social capital (with Yu Chen), 2015, Accounting Review 90, 611-639.
  • Effect of bank monitoring on earnings management of the borrowing firm: an empirical investigation (with Siddharth Shankar, and Arun Prakash), 2015, Journal of Financial Research 38, 219-254.
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  •  A Few Precise and Simple Methods for Understanding Changes in Cash Flow Patterns in Financial Education, (with Siddharth Shankar and Gary A. Anderson), 2012, International Journal of Finance 24, 7169-7085.