Marketing faculty

Ayan Bhattacharyya Ph.D. Student/Graduate Student (ABD)
Abhijit Biswas Kmart Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing
Ph.D. Program Advisor
Frank Castronova Part-Time Faculty in Marketing
Part-Time Faculty in Global Supply Chain Management
Catherine Cuckovich Lecturer of Marketing
Adcraft/Simons - Michelson Advertising Program Director in Marketing
Alexander Davidson Assistant Professor of Marketing
Cassandra Davis Assistant Professor of Marketing
Sujay Dutta Associate Professor of Marketing
Susan Hood Part-Time Faculty in Marketing
Sa-Ad Iddrisu Part-Time Faculty
James Low Associate Professor Emeritus of Marketing
Archana Mannem Ph.D. Student
Nick Mattar Part-Time Faculty in Marketing
Laura McGowan Fry Part-Time Faculty in Marketing
David Pauwels Part-Time Faculty in Marketing
Kraig Shattuck Part-Time Faculty
Jeff Stoltman Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programs
Associate Professor of Marketing
Andrea Tangari Associate Professor of Marketing
John Taylor Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management
David Williams Emeritus Associate Professor of Marketing
Attila Yaprak Professor of Marketing and International Business
Board of Visitors Fellow
Ph.D. Program Director
Irem Yoruk Ph.D. Student / Graduate Assistant
Lu Yu Ph.D. Student in Marketing