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 As I often tell students, the marketing concepts and cases that I teach are not theoretical to me; their application to real life circumstances made the difference between success or failure and whether I received a paycheck at the end of the month. I was able to establish and grow a medical staffing business into a multimillion-dollar company by the time it was sold late in 2015. That is when Wayne State gave me the opportunity to return to what I had set out in life to do...teach and coach others. I get great satisfaction out of the prospect that I may make a difference in the lives and careers of students!

Prior to my career in business, I trained as a professional musician and received the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from The University of Michigan. I taught music at the university level for six years , but then I decided to make a career change and I entered the MBA program at the University of Detroit. Now, I've come almost full circle and I really enjoy my time at Wayne State University!



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