AGRADE accelerated M.B.A. option

Save money and time toward your M.B.A. with the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program.

Highly qualified Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business students majoring in Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Information Systems Management, Management or Marketing are eligible to participate in the AGRADE program. AGRADE students can cut substantial time and as much as one-third off the total cost of a WSU graduate business degree program by applying up to 12 credits toward both their undergraduate and M.B.A. degrees.

AGRADE benefits

  • Start earning your M.B.A. while completing your bachelor's degree
  • Earn graduate credits at undergraduate tuition rates
  • Apply up to 12 credits of select graduate courses as dual credit for undergraduate and M.B.A. programs
  • Option to move immediately to the M.B.A. program or rejoin the program later
  • Earn both your bachelor's and master's degrees in as little as five years

AGRADE requirements

  • Undergraduate major in Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Information Systems Management, Management or Marketing
  • Junior or senior standing (~90 credits earned)
  • Overall GPA of 3.5 or higher at WSU
  • Major GPA of 3.6 or higher at WSU
  • Meet with undergraduate and graduate advisors to discuss program requirements
  • Complete the Dual Credit Enrollment Form

Approved AGRADE courses

For students approved to participate in the AGRADE program, four of the following courses from any one of the program areas listed below may be counted toward both their bachelor's degree and M.B.A. All courses are three credits.


M.B.A. course taken as part of AGRADE Undergraduate finance course satisfied
FIN 7000: Applied Financial Analysis FIN 5000: Financial Statement - Analysis & Modeling
FIN 7220: Advance Managerial Finance FIN 5270: Advanced Business Finance
FIN 7230: Investment Policies FIN 5215: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN 7280: Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital FIN 5280: The Entrepreneur's Ecosystem
FIN 7870: International Finance FIN 5320: International Finance
FIN 7990: Portfolio Management / Student Managed Investment Fund FIN 5220: Portfolio Management

Global supply chain management

M.B.A. course taken as part of AGRADE Undergraduate global supply chain management course satisfied
GSC 7620: Global Supply Chain Management GSC 5620: Global Supply Chain Management
GSC 7650: Strategic Procurement GSC 5650: Strategic Procurement
GSC 7670: Special Topics in Supply Chain Management GSC 5670: Special Topics in Supply Chain Management
GSC 7991: Principles of Quality Management GSC 5690: Principles of Quality Management
GSC 7992: Methods of Quality Management GSC 5996: Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management

Information systems management

M.B.A. course taken as part of AGRADE Undergraduate information systems management course satisfied
ISM 7510: Database Management ISM 5992: Database Systems
ISM 7520: Information Systems Design ISM 5820: Systems Analysis and Design
ISM 7530: Societal and Ethical Issues in the Information Age ISM 5530: Ethics in Information Technology
ISM 7560: Survey of E-Commerce ISM 5560: Survey of E-Commerce
ISM 7570: Data Mining ISM 5570: Data Mining
ISM 7575: Corporate Computer Networks and IT Security ISM 4575: Introduction to Corporate Computer Networks and IT Security
ISM 7900: Project Management ISM 5900: Project Management
ISM 7994: Digital Content Creation ISM 5994: Software Tools for Business Applications


M.B.A. course taken as part of AGRADE Undergraduate management course satisfied
MGT 7640: Management of Human Resources MGT 5700: Human Resource Management
MGT 7650: Strategic Human Resource Management MGT 5770: Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT 7660: Entrepreneurial Management MGT 5650: The Entrepreneur and Venture Creation
MGT 7750: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining MGT 5740: Collective Bargaining
MGT 7900: Project Management MGT 5900: Project Management
MGT 8000: Seminar in Management MGT 6995: Topics in Management


M.B.A. course taken as part of AGRADE Undergraduate marketing course satisfied
MKT 7500: International Marketing Strategy MKT 5750: International Marketing Management
MKT 7430: Advertising Management MKT 5490: Principles of Advertising
MKT 7150: Global Automotive Marketing Strategy MKT 5820: Marketing in the Automotive Industry
MKT 7470: Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior MKT 5450: Consumer Behavior
MKT 7700: Management in Retail Enterprises MKT 5700: Retail Management
MKT 7450: Business Research and Methods MKT 5410: Marketing Research and Methods

To learn more about AGRADE, email or call 313-577-4505.