Business student organizations

Student organizations provide an opportunity to learn leadership skills and teamwork skills. All Ilitch School students are encouraged to join student organizations and pursue leadership roles; it's a great way to build friendships, network, meet people and have fun!

Below is a list of all student organizations currently recognized by the Ilitch School. Additional information, including contact details and how to join, can be found on GetInvolved.

Representatives from the organizations listed below can reserve the Zalenko Student Organization Suite (room 369) with their WSU email address after reviewing the guidelines and completing a reservation formOther rooms in the Ilitch School may be reserved by completing the Student Organization Event Request Form

  • Agency M-1

    Agency M-1's mission is to connect Detroit-area business communities with students at the Mike Ilitch School of Business by establishing social links, economic ties, technological advantages and real-world clients. This hands-on approach to learning accelerates the application of skills, improves education, and provides practical experience while strengthening ties between Wayne State and the community.

    Advisor: John Heinrichs

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
    Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful and experienced business leaders. The mission of Alpha Kappa Psi is to empower its members with the confidence, integrity and resources to succeed in the professional community.

    Advisor: Deborah Habel
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW)

    The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is a co-ed organization that focuses on the communication aspect of professional growth. We work toward preparing members for the professional world with salary negotiation workshops, interviewer/interviewee workshops, resume workshops, optional public speaking opportunities, guest speaker events, game nights and much more! AAUW is open to all Wayne State University students.

    Advisor: Vacant

  • Beta Alpha Psi

    Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional accounting and finance organization. The primary objective of the organization is to encourage scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. This includes providing opportunities for self-development and networking among members and practicing accountants, as well as encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility. Many professional and social events are held on and off campus each semester allowing members to gain practical knowledge of the accounting business world.

    Advisor: Deborah Jones

  • Financial Management Association (FMA)

    FMA provides its members with a better understanding of the field of finance and develops relationships with professionals in the Detroit metropolitan area. The Wayne State chapter of the FMA currently works with the National Investor Relations Institute , the Society of Financial Analysts and the Detroit Economic Club . All majors are welcome to join, however enrollment in a finance degree program is encouraged.

    Mission: The mission of the Financial Management Association is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners; provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students; promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices; and to enhance the quality of education in finance.

    Advisor: Basma Bekdache

  • Global Supply Chain Management Association (GSCMA)

    GSCMA is a student-led organization for global supply chain management undergraduates, MBA students and other interested Wayne State students. Our organization is dedicated to the study and practice of logistics, transportation, distribution, supply chain management and other related fields. Our purpose is to promote the academic and practical study of logistics, provide a communication and mentoring network, and to increase student involvement within the logistics industry. Activities include monthly meetings, fall and winter member resume books, company tours, guest speakers, career workshops and participation with professional logistics organizations.

    Advisor: Lori Sisk

  • Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA)

    The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) strives to offer graduate/professional business students with new opportunities that will bring their educational experience to life. Through networking, collaborating, and engaging in leadership activities within the Detroit community, GBSA members will develop skills that translate into future success in their respective fields.

    Advisor: Vacant

  • Information Technology Organization

    The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a worldwide organization devoted to education and research. The Information Technology Organization is the Wayne State chapter of AIS. It brings leading practitioners to campus, sponsors information sessions on new technologies, links students to local professionals and organizations in information systems and much more. Membership benefits include:

    • Gaining a competitive advantage to succeed within the field
    • Gaining worldwide recognition through competition and award programs
    • Networking with students from around the world
    • Expanding career opportunities

    Advisor: Rhoda Joseph

  • Mike Ilitch Marketing Association

    The Mike Ilitch Marketing Association is a professional organization that seeks to bridge the gap between students and professionals by hosting employer events, speaking engagements and workshops to ensure marketing professionals are better prepared for the workplace. 

    Advisor: Cathy Cuckovich

  • NABA

    NABA is a national membership organization with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging and serving as a resource for greater participation by minority students in accounting, finance or other related fields. NABA helps strengthen the skills base for its student members, provide support to those seeking higher levels of accomplishment, identify business opportunities for students, and encourage more minorities to make business their chosen field.

    Advisor: Bianca Fielder

  • Society for Human Resource Management

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global HR professional organization with student chapters focused on helping students gain real-world experience through connections with business professionals. Wayne State's SHRM chapter is the premiere student organization for those interested in human resources including personnel management, labor relations and talent development. WSU SHRM continues to provide opportunities for students to network and gain knowledge in human resources, as well as outreach to working professionals.

    Advisor: Ariel Levi

  • Sport and Entertainment Business Association (SEBA)
    The Sport and Entertainment Business Association will focus on providing insight to the sports and entertainment industry with a focus on management to our members. Members will learn about different aspects that make up these specific industries and the opportunities available within each. Having unique access to four major league sports organizations, our organization will connect students with individuals from these organizations to educate and spread knowledge of this competitive industry. Our organization will focus on education through guest speakers within the industry and collaborative efforts with local organizations.

    Advisor: Scott Tainsky
  • Warriors in Accounting and Business
    Warriors in Accounting and Business is a student organization formed to increase the soft skills and networking opportunities for students. We have various recruiters come in to discuss skills that they know will benefit you the most in the professional world and discuss job opportunities. We have social events and charity events as well. WIAAB is a group of students who want to foster the spirit of learning along with creating lasting friendships and tips and tricks to be the best you in your career!

    Advisor: Deborah Jones

  • Warrior Consulting Group

    The Warrior Consulting Group is focused on educating and exposing students to real-life business consulting experiences within Detroit and the metro Detroit area. WCG aims to provide workshops for members to learn the foundations of consulting. We also provide case studies for students to learn about the dynamics of consulting interviews. Through engagement with local groups, WCG aims to enrich local businesses, nonprofits and the greater community.

    Advisor: Kevin Ketels

  • Wayne Black Business Student Association

    The Wayne Black Business Student Association strives to introduce graduate, undergraduate and high school students to entrepreneurship, leadership, equity, diversity, inclusion and access decisions in the industry, as well as recruit prospective students of color to the Mike Ilitch School of Business. Through networking and leadership activities, members will engage the community and incite positive and effective change.

    Advisor: Vacant

  • Wayne Women in Business
    Wayne Women in Business (WWIB) is dedicated to providing women with business and entrepreneurial ambitions the necessary resources to thrive in their chosen career path. We strive to bring success to our members by offering opportunities that encourage personal and professional development. Our mission is to provide our members with potential career opportunities and opportunities to network with professional mentors. Through our events and resources, we ensure all WWIB members will leave the Mike Ilitch School of Business confident in their skillset and capabilities.

    Co-Advisors: Toni Somers and Linda S. Zaddach
  • Wayne Women in Technology
    Wayne Women in Technology is an organization built to empower, educate, and facilitate opportunities for Women pursuing a future in technology at WSU. Entering the world of technology can be overwhelming as a college student, however with the proper advice, skillset, and most importantly, with the right confidence one can easily break into this space. This organization aims to take the steps to prepare the women pursuing Technology here at Wayne and equip them with the resources they need to reach their goals.

    Advisor: Rhoda Joseph