Business student organizations

Student organizations provide an opportunity to learn leadership skills and teamwork skills, which are valued by today's employers. All Mike Ilitch School of Business students are encouraged to join student organizations and pursue leadership roles — it's a great way to network and looks great on a resume.

Student organizations also offer opportunities to build friendships, network, meet people and have fun!

Representatives from the organizations listed below can reserve the Zalenko Student Organization Suite (MIKE 369). Click here for complete guidelines and a reservation form. You must complete the form with your WSU email address.

  • Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)
    ALPFA is the largest professional business organization devoted to Latino professionals and students. With more than 19,000 members nationwide, the association seeks to enhance opportunities for Latinos by building leadership and career skills through promoting professional growth, integrity, culture, relationship building, service, inclusiveness and teamwork.


  • American Advertising Federation (AAF)
    AAF is the is the oldest and most prestigious ad club in the country. Our overall goal is to share industry knowledge and experience with you to enhance your collegiate experience. Meeting up with local and out of state ad agencies, talking about the hottest trends in advertising, and having a fun time is the embodiment of the Wayne State University AAF.


    President: Stacy Yoder 

    Faculty advisor: Catherine Cuckovich, Adcraft/Simons - Michelson Advertising Program Director and Teaching Fellow


  • American Marketing Association (AMA)

    AMA is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of marketing. Collegiate chapters promote professionalism and practical education for marketing students through exposure to, and assistance from, practitioners of the discipline. The AMA is an excellent resource for anyone involved in business, marketing, advertising and public relations. All students are welcome to join.



    President: Maya Jurayj
    Vice President: Akida Yilamu
    Chief Operating Officer: James (Jimmy) Dyer
    Director of Communication: Amanda Azzi
    Director of HR: Alyssa Tello
    Director of Finance: Fadil Abdi
    Director of Marketing: Merna Naman

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
    Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful and experienced business leaders. The mission of Alpha Kappa Psi is to empower its members with the confidence, integrity and resources to succeed in the professional community.


    2019-2020 leadership:

    • President: Charles Rich
    • Vice President of Administration: Maariya Siddiqui
    • Vice President of Accounts Payable: Yasir Memon
    • Vice President of Receivable: Humberto Villarruel
    • Vice President of Membership: Dahami Weerasinghe
    • Vice President of External Affairs: Kathryn Lechner
    • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Tiffany Bui
    • Secretary: Mary Consiglio
    • Master of Rituals: Alyssa Witzleban


    Faculty advisor: Deborah Habel

  • Beta Alpha Psi

    Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional accounting and finance organization.  The primary objective of the organization is to encourage scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. This includes providing opportunities for self-development and networking among members and practicing accountants, as well as encouraging a sense of ethical, social and public responsibility. Many professional and social events are held on and off campus each semester allowing members to gain practical knowledge of the accounting business world.

  • Beta Gamma Sigma
    Beta Gamma Sigma is an invitation-only national honor society for students in business administration. The WSU chapter was installed in national membership in March 1979. Beta Gamma Sigma is the only scholastic honor society recognized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the major accrediting body for schools of business administration. Membership in this honor society is the highest scholastic honor that a student in business administration can achieve. To be eligible for membership, students must rank in the upper five percent of their junior class, the upper ten percent of their senior class, or the upper twenty percent of those receiving master's degrees.


    Faculty advisor: Timothy Butler

  • Business Student Senate
    The Business Student Senate's mission is to facilitate interaction between the local business community, business school organizations, and the students and faculty of the Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business. We help develop business students to be civic leaders and contributors in the advancement of the field of business.


    Vision: The Business Student Senate fosters civic-mindedness, leadership, service and ethical business standards and is committed to developing business students who contribute wisdom, compassion, and experience to a global society.

    2019-20 leadership:

    • Co-Chief Executive Officer: Maya Jurayj
    • Co-Chief Executive Officer: Guillermo Martinez
    • Chief Operating Officer: Jad Hamdan
    • Chief Financial Officer: Christopher Haley
    • Director of Human Resources: Guillermo Martinez
    • Internal Relations Officer: Alyssa Tello
    • External Relations Officer: Shreyas Bolar
    • Media Relations Officer: Aikedan Yilamu


    How to join: Online application


    Faculty advisor: Linda S. Zaddach

  • Delta Sigma Pi
    Delta Sigma Pi is an international, co-ed, professional business fraternity. The fraternity hosts various activities such as professional speakers and tours, community service, fundraising and social events. Membership in Delta Sigma Pi offers friendships for life, faculty and community involvement and opportunities for jobs. Students lead extremely hectic lifestyles trying to balance work, family and school. However, involvement with Delta Sigma Pi allows you to have fun, make your college career more manageable and meet people. To join, you must be a pre-business, business or economics major with a minimum GPA of 2.5.


    Delta Sigma Pi website

  • Financial Management Association (FMA)
    FMA provides its members with a better understanding of the field of finance and develops relationships with professionals in the Detroit metropolitan area. The Wayne State chapter of the FMA currently works with the National Investor Relations Institute, the Society of Financial Analysts and the Detroit Economic Club. All majors are welcome to join, however enrollment in a finance degree program is encouraged.


    Mission: The mission of the Financial Management Association is to broaden the common interests between academicians and practitioners; provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academicians, practitioners and students; promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices; and to enhance the quality of education in finance.

    Contact: 313-355-2737 or

    Faculty advisors:  Michael Schostak

    Instagram: @fma_wsu

  • Global Brigades Business
    Global Brigades Business is the largest student-led movement for economic development. It's a skill based experience that allows likeminded individuals to gain hands-on meaningful experience. Students have the ability to create financial opportunities in remote areas, such as: Nicaragua, Panama, Ghana, and Honduras by working alongside promising entrepreneurs and experienced year-round staff to create financial opportunities. Students conduct workshops and organize financial presentations to members of the community bank. Students then formulate a business plan to increase financial literacy around a culture of savings and prudent borrowing. GBB is a valuable experience that every business major should have under their belt.
    President: Suchitra Nair


  • Global Supply Chain Management Student Association

    GSCMA is a student-led organization for global supply chain management undergraduates, MBA students and other interested Wayne State students. Our organization is dedicated to the study and practice of logistics, transportation, distribution, supply chain management and other related fields. Our purpose is to promote the academic and practical study of logistics, provide a communication and mentoring network, and to increase student involvement within the logistics industry. Activities include monthly meetings, fall and winter member resume books, company tours, guest speakers, career workshops and participation with professional logistics organizations.

    2019-2020 Leadership:

    • President: Soros Ashley
    • Vice President: Luke Tappen
    • Vice President: Noah Godlewski
    • Membership Officer: Kathryn Lechner
    • Finance: Scott Fraser
    • Events Officer: Deliana Yatoma
    • Events Officer: Phillip Ryu
    • Secretary: Jamie Phelps
    • Marketing Director: Sohaib Khan


    Faculty advisor: John Taylor

  • Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA)

    The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) strives to offer graduate/professional business students with new opportunities that will bring their educational experience to life. Through networking, collaborating, and engaging in leadership activities within the Detroit community, GBSA members will develop skills that translate into future success in their respective fields.


    Faculty advisor: Carlos Pierre

  • Information Technology Organization

    The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a worldwide organization devoted to education and research. The Information Technology Organization is the Wayne State chapter of AIS. It brings leading practitioners to campus, sponsors information sessions on new technologies, links students to local professionals and organizations in information systems and much more. Membership benefits include:

    • Gaining a competitive advantage to succeed within the field
    • Gaining worldwide recognition through competition and award programs
    • Networking with students from around the world
    • Expanding career opportunities


    ITO website

    Faculty advisor: John Heinrichs

    Faculty liaisons: Richard Lerman, Alexander DePetro, Toni Somers

  • International Business Association
    The International Business Association was formed to promote an understanding of international business practices through programs and information dissemination to students. The organization aims to establish interaction between business students and the international business community.


    Faculty advisor: Attila Yaprak

  • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

    NABA is a national membership organization with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging and serving as a resource for greater participation by minority students in accounting, finance or other related fields. NABA helps strengthen the skills base for its student members, provide support to those seeking higher levels of accomplishment, identify business opportunities for students, and encourage more minorities to make business their chosen field.

    • President: Brittany Marie Grace
    • Vice President for Membership: Kel Righter

    Contact: 313-577-4530 or email

    Faculty advisor: Myles Stern

  • Net Impact

    Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1993 with over 350 chapters. Its members are dedicated to using business as a force to create a positive impact on society. Members' interests include sustainability, corporate social responsibility, international development, social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. Wayne State University's Net Impact mission is to connect undergraduate and graduate students to make a difference on campus, in the community and around the world. We provide local community events and events sponsored by Net Impact for members to connect, learn and collaborate.

    Contact:  Megan Baran

    President: Megan Baran
    Vice President: Leif Clark
    Vice President of Programs and Events: Stephanie McClung
    Student Advisor: Sarah McCall

    Faculty advisor: Andrea Tangari

  • Real Estate Investment Association

    Anyone looking to learn more about real estate investing should consider joining the Real Estate Investment Association (REIA). REIA educates and exposes its members to the risks and rewards of real estate investing, commercial and residential strategies, and the steps it takes to get started in the industry. Most importantly, REIA offers members amazing opportunities to network with industry leaders. REIA events consist of guest speakers, case study analysis and other great content on real estate investment topics.

    Contact:  email

    President: David Borg
    Vice President: Suzanne Flood

    Faculty advisor: Matthew Roling

  • Society for Human Resource Management
    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global HR professional organization with student chapters focused on helping students gain real-world experience through connections with business professionals. Wayne State's SHRM chapter is the premiere student organization for those interested in human resources including personnel management, labor relations and talent development. WSU SHRM continues to provide opportunities for students to network and gain knowledge in human resources, as well as outreach to working professionals.


    2016-17 leadership:

    • President: Eric Jaros
    • Vice President: Diamond Dortch
    • Employment & Labor Relations Outreach Chair: Michael Maisner
    • Business Outreach Chair: Matt Salim
    • External Outreach Chair: Kasee Keplinger
    • Communications Chair: Laura Devore




    Faculty advisor: Marick Masters

  • Sport and Entertainment Business Association
    The Sport and Entertainment Business Association will focus on providing insight to the sports and entertainment industry with a focus on management to our members. Members will learn about different aspects that make up these specific industries and the opportunities available within each. Having unique access to four major league sports organizations, our organization will connect students with individuals from these organizations to educate and spread knowledge of this competitive industry. Our organization will focus on education through guest speakers within the industry and collaborative efforts with local organizations.


    Student leadership:

    • President: Maria Franklin
    • Co-President: Alexander N. Trudeau
    • Treasurer/Finance: Josh A. Block




    Faculty advisor: Scott Tainsky

  • Wayne Black Business Student Association

    The Wayne Black Business Student Association strives to introduce graduate, undergraduate and high school students to entrepreneurship, leadership, equity, diversity, inclusion and access decisions in the industry, as well as recruit prospective students of color to the Mike Ilitch School of Business. Through networking and leadership activities, members will engage the community and incite positive and effective change.


    Faculty advisor: Kiantee Jones