Computing and Technology

Enhancing the educational experience with technology is a top priority within the business school. There's a lot available exclusively for business students.

Along with our tech resources, the Computing & Information Technology department (C&IT) provides IT services and resources for the Wayne State community. Students may be particularly interested in C&IT's e-mail and wireless network help, along with discounts on software, mobile phones and more.

Finance and data analytics lab

The finance and data analytics lab is located on the first floor in room 133 MIKE. It is only available to students who are taking classes that require access to the Bloomberg Terminals or Mac Minis.

This lab holds 12 Bloomberg Terminals, 12 high-end Windows computers and 21 Mac Minis.

Accounting computer lab

The accounting computer lab is located on the third floor in room 327 MIKE. When classes are not in session, it is available to all Ilitch Business students as an open computer lab.

This lab holds 60 virtual workstations and is primarily used to house BA 1500 classes.


Many of our courses make extensive use of high-end, state-of-the-art software aimed at maximizing students' educational experiences. 

Some examples include the data-mining software package SPSS and the enterprise resource planning solution Sage 100 ERP. Students can also access our Oracle database with any Web connection, which allows them to work with the number one relational database in the world.

We offer these resources so students experience actual, real-world tech environments and learn by doing.


Qualtrics is an easy-to-use, Web-based survey service. Our license is equivalent to a corporate license and offers many comprehensive features.

To create a Qualtrics account, visit the site, and use your WSU AccessID and password to create an account. See the website for training and support.