Corporate Mentor Program

Ilitch Business students have an opportunity to be matched with a professional corporate mentor and work one-on-one throughout the entire academic year. Students selected to join the Corporate Mentor Program will work closely with the director to determine their long-term career interests and goals in order to find the right mentor to help move their interests forward, expose them to the day-to-day world of work, and other professional opportunities for success after college.

The Corporate Mentor Program incorporates an intentional effort to help first-generation, undergraduate students (neither of the student's parents graduated with a bachelor's degree) further explore a career direction and become career-ready. This program is a formal mentoring program that focuses on one-on-one relationships to help participating business students develop a professional identity and a clearer vision for their career path. The program custom matches each student with someone in their desired career, whether that be an entry level, recent graduate or a senior-level executive. This program runs from September to April each year, with no summer commitment for mentors or mentees. 

Student applications are now closed for fall 2023. If you are interested in being considered for the next cycle, please email

Become a mentor 

Program requirements

  • In order to participate in the program, you must apply, go through an interview and be selected.
  • You must be a Mike Ilitch School of Business undergraduate major.
  • Ideal candidates will:
    • By fall 2024, have sophomore through senior standing (ideally graduating May 2025 or later).
    • Be a first-generation college student.
  • Meet with mentor every month, September through April, and maintain regular contact with the program staff.

Student benefits

  • Students will work closely with mentorship program staff to select a mentor that best meets their personal and professional goals.
  • Regular career development and networking opportunities, as well as guidance from your mentor and program staff on how to best prepare for success.
  • An opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with your mentor since the program structure supports students during an entire academic year (September-April). You can visit your mentor at their office, attend professional industry events with your mentor, and participate in service opportunities together.
  • Regular and consistent interaction with your mentor while still being able to retain current job/internship and other personal responsibilities.

Mentor benefits

  • Direct access to mentorship program staff, complete with in-depth training and support both before, during and after the formal match process.
  • A chance to directly impact a WSU business student over the long term, while also engaging with the Ilitch Business community as a whole.
  • Monthly e-news updates with campus academic, career, and social calendar updates and suggestions for mentee engagement.

Contact us

For questions and information, please contact Linda Zaddach via email at

Mike Ilitch School of Business
2771 Woodward Ave.
Suite 299
Detroit, MI 48201