Bachelor's in global supply chain management

A degree in Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is a great choice for a dynamic and exciting career in business. Demand for supply chain professionals continues to grow as the economy becomes increasingly global. From logistics and procurement to quality management and production planning, our program prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today's global business landscape.

In addition to an excellent curriculum, the GSCM program offers various engagement opportunities to students including attendance to events organized by professional organizations such as The Automotive Industry Action Group, attendance to national case competitions, including our own General Motors/WSU SCM Case Competition, and Supply Chain Career Fairs. 

Required major courses provide insight into many subjects, while the required schoolwide core covers other general business functions critical to SCM, such as ISM and finance. Topics covered in the major include: 

  • SCM strategy
  • Procurement 
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Logistics and transporation
  • Quality management
  • SCM-related software and tools
  • Global Issues
  • Additional electives cover ERP systems, process analysis, cost estimation, and project management, and provide opportunities for internships and study abroad programs.

Campus Options 

The GSCM program strives to create flexible options for students by offering both face-to-face and online sections for all the required and most elective courses. 

AGRADE program

Highly qualified global supply chain management majors are eligible to participate in the Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program. AGRADE students can cut substantial time and as much as one-third off the total cost of a WSU graduate business degree program by applying up to 12 credits toward both their undergraduate global supply chain management degree and M.B.A. or another graduate business degree

Departmental honors

Current Mike Ilitch School of Business students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher may enroll in courses with an honors component assignment option and complete the 15 required credits to qualify for an honors distinction on their transcript and diploma at graduation. Review departmental honors eligibility and requirements.

Study abroad


Study abroad programs organized by the Ilitch School are led by faculty and involve visits to various international companies including the foreign operations of Detroit-area companies and various cultural sites. Both undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged to fulfill some of their program requirements via an Ilitch School study abroad program. For undergraduate business majors, a study abroad course could be applied toward Free Elective credit hours. Please check with your academic advisor for guidance before pursuing the study abroad option. 

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Global supply chain management careers

Students graduating with a major in global supply chain management can expect employment opportunities to grow at a rate faster than average for all occupations. The automotive industry and other complex manufacturing companies, and logistics service providers value GSCM skills. Health care industry and consulting are also emerging areas of employment for GSCM graduates. The vast majority of GSCM students can find internship opportunities before graduation, which provide great employment prospects after graduation. 

Additional supply chain management career information from the U.S. Department of Labor: 

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