WJR: Kevin Ketels on China lockdowns, resulting supply chain issues

With lockdowns continuing in China, the global supply chain is slowing down yet again. Kevin Kettles, assistant professor of teaching and global supply chain management at Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business discusses the impact this shift will have in Michigan and the United States. “In China right now, they’ve got about 3,000 new infections recorded yesterday. This is pretty small compared to us…but they have a zero COVID policy, which means that they’re shutting down whole regions like Shenzhen, where many products are made…Shanghai’s their financial capital, and it’s shutting down as well. We’re going to start to see this impact very quickly. We’ll see a shortage of products that are coming to the United States – first the ones that are shipped via air transit, and then the ones that take a little longer to get here,” Kettles said. “It adds to the supply chain woes we’ve been enduring lately. They’re so aggressive with their policies and in dealing with COVID, though, and I don’t expect this to last very long because they’re testing so widely.”

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