Southeast Michigan Purchasing Managers Index reaches 66.3 in April

DETROIT— The Southeast Michigan Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) climbed to 66.3 in April, its best showing in the last six months. The three month PMI average also enjoyed a marked increase to 62.3. A PMI value above 50 generally suggests economic growth.  

"In April three specific indices lead the way," said Timothy Butler, associate professor of supply chain management at Wayne State University’s (WSU) School of Business, who interpreted this month’s results. "Notably, the Production, New Orders and the Employment indexes all posted numbers above sixty, which signals healthy growth in the Southeastern Michigan economy." 

Kenneth Doherty, assistant vice president of procurement and strategic sourcing at WSU and Institute for Supply Management board member, also noted the continued rise in the PMI. "If you look back, you’ll notice a slight see-saw effect over the last several months. We’re anticipating this month’s numbers signal an end to that."

Supporting April’s numbers, respondents remain optimistic with 84.2 percent expecting the economy to remain the same, while 15.8 percent expect it to become more stable. 

In the April, travel costs, equipment parts, and petroleum were up in price while plastics, resin and copper were down in price.  Steel was reported to be both up and down in price.

The Southeast Michigan Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is a research partnership between Wayne State University’s School of Business and the Institute for Supply Management – Southeast Michigan.

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