PwC MPREP Scholars welcomes new team member

Lauren Scott has joined the Mike Ilitch School of Business PwC Multicultural Professional Readiness Education Program (MPREP) as a counselor for the program.

MPREP, a collaborative effort between Wayne State University and PwC, is a unique learning community designed to encourage, support, develop and retain multicultural business students.

Scott comes to the Ilitch School program from WSU’s College of Education, where she was previously a part-time faculty member in kinesiology. Scott earned a bachelor’s in sports administration from Winston-Salem State University and both a master’s in sports administration and a Ph.D. in kinesiology from Wayne State.

Scott will work alongside Lynita Taylor, diversity and inclusion program manager at the Ilitch School and MPREP’s director.

As an MPREP counselor, Scott will be responsible for assisting students with career advisement, fostering relationships with community partners and key stakeholders, and creating a safe space for MPREP Scholars to reflect and rejuvenate.

Scott will also work with Career Planning and Placement in advising students on career paths based upon their selected business major and assisting students with creating professional documents.

Scott said she joined the MPREP team to help prepare the next generation of minority leaders.

“I envision a program that will continue to grow within the department and with PwC. I would love to see the alumni base grow and see graduates of MPREP become mentors and create new opportunities based on diversity and inclusion within their organizations,” Scott said.

“Lynita has done a phenomenal job with MPREP. The student success rate is impressive and the unwavering support from the Mike Ilitch School of Business and PwC is confirmation that this program works. I see exponential growth for MPREP in the near future, and that is extremely exciting.”


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