Donor spotlight: Nan Bushnell

Nan Bushnell, who was married to late WSU professor Bob Bushnell for 53 years, will be donating an annual $2,500 scholarship to an undergraduate student pursuing study in the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Bob Bushnell was a professor who taught at WSU for 27 years before retiring. He spent five years in systems engineering with IBM Corporation and spent two years at Oberlin College as the first director of their computer center. Additionally, he received a Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University.

Bob passed away at the age of 81 on April 10 in Venice, Florida.

“Dr. Bushnell’s entire life was focused on the pursuit of knowledge and we feel the scholarship is honoring his memory in the best way possible,” Nan said.

The Bushnells raised two children; one son, Brad, and one daughter, Judy.

 “My adult life has been dedicated to supporting my family in every way possible,” Nan said. “We raised a son and daughter who continue to bring me great joy. We have one grandson and one granddaughter pursuing their live with great enthusiasm.”

Nan worked in healthcare administration for 20 years in addition to “being director of everything on the home front.”

“I have spent much time volunteering and expect to continue to do so in the years ahead,” she said.

If you would like to contribute to this scholarship or establish your own, please contact Steve Moore in the Mike Ilitch School of Business Office of Development at 313-577-9212 or

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