DBusiness: Lydia Michael on connecting with customers during COVID-19

Lydia Michael, 2018 Mike Ilitch School of Business Emerging Leader Award recipient and founder and CEO of Blended Collective, discusses how business owners can connect with their customers during this pandemic.

Be empathetic and relevant

As the coronavirus crisis forces a new normal on businesses and customers day by day, the pressure of saying and doing the right things at the right time has become a quick reality. Living in a society where overcommunication is the norm, businesses are trying their best to adapt by acknowledging the issue at hand, ensuring that they are working safely and remotely, and rescheduling their planned engagements digitally when possible.

Focus on serving to increase your brand loyalty
Companies like LVMH have transitioned their manufacturing operations from producing perfumes to producing germ-killing alcohol due to the shortage of such products in the current market. The Maine-based company Origin USA, an athletic wear manufacturer, has now moved their production to creating masks for the public because of the fact that the world is at a shortage due to the rise in demand from COVID-19.

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