Crain's Detroit Business: Marick Masters on UAW scandal

Crain’s Detroit Business Group Publisher, Mary Kramer, opined about the United Auto Workers. She asked the question: Has anybody at the United Auto Workers HQ heard the phrase "crisis management"? Kramer wrote: “Marick Masters, who runs the labor relations programs at Wayne State University, offers some advice: Get in front of this. Invite an independent commission to come in and look at everything — flower funds, charities associated with key UAW officials, alleged threats to send union managers "back to the line" if they didn't get with the dubious program. "The training fund — it should have sent shock waves," Masters said. "The UAW should have gotten independent, highly reputable experts in for an objective look." Masters is writing a book on union finances. Recently, he decided to add a chapter on union corruption. “It does nobody any good, especially the labor movement, to try and sugar coat and play it down," Masters told me. "This is corruption at the highest level. The only question is how widespread it is. I'm not sure the last shoe has dropped."

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