Advisors to present at the Michigan Academic Advising Association Conference

Patricia Michno and Heather Laskos, two academic advisors with the Mike Ilitch School of Business, had their paper proposal accepted and will present "Whose in the Driver's Seat when it comes to student success?" at the Michigan Academic Advising Association Conference (MIACADA) on May 18 at Henry Ford College. 

The MIACADA is an organization of professionals from colleges and universities concerned with the intellectual, personal and career or vocational advising needs of students within the State of Michigan. The organization was founded to foster the personal and professional development of its members by promoting quality academic advising in the state. It is a forum for discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas regarding academic advising and related areas of higher education. 


Attending college and graduating with a degree that will help you obtain your ideal career is part of the American Dream. The American Dream has become more readily available to more young Americans than ever before. The demand for higher education is primarily due to the desire to earn higher wages and have a better chance at career advancement. Government aid allows more students to attend college. While this sounds like a good thing, many students struggle to complete a college education. The purpose of this workshop is to look at the role that advisors play to improve college readiness among the thousands of  students that are admitted to United States Universities every year. We have reviewed empirical research regarding predictors for academic success. Students have control over some of these predictors and some of them are outside of their control. As advisors, it is important for us to assist students in learning how to deal with both successfully. In this workshop, we will talk about the predictors and examine the correlation to academic success and see the role that advisors can play in helping students succeed both academically and socially at their university. The intended outcome for this workshop is to come up with open dialogue that can be used by academic advisors when talking with students. 

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