Those pursuing bachelor's degrees must complete Wayne State University's general education program, as well as courses to fulfill Mike Ilitch School of Business general education, foundation and core requirements

In addition to the above requirements, management majors must complete the following core courses:

MGT 5530  Advanced Organizational Behavior
MGT 5700  Human Resource Management
MGT 6995  Topics in Management

PLUS three of the following:

MGT 5510  Managing Organizational Structure and Processes
MGT 5650  The Entrepreneur and Venture Creation
MGT 5740  Collective Bargaining
MGT 5770  Advanced Human Resource Management
MGT  5790 Internship in Management
MGT 5900 / ISM 5900  Project Management

Each course is three credit hours. Students are responsible for observing all prerequisites and limitations, and must have a minimum 2.50 GPA to enroll in 3000 level or higher Ilitch School core and major courses.

You can choose to earn either a B.A. or B.S. in any Mike Ilitch School of Business major. The only difference is that the B.A. has a foreign language requirement; the B.S. does not.