The GM/WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business Supply Chain Case Competition is an invitation-only event for undergraduate students at select universities.

Approximately four weeks prior to the competition, participating teams will receive case materials to analyze and form recommendations. Student participants will develop a PowerPoint presentation to deliver during the competition in Detroit. Student participants will not receive assistance from any person outside of their student team, including faculty advisors.

Teams will participate in a lottery on Thursday evening to determine the region and order in which each team will present in the first round. A panel of industry judges representing the automotive industry will evaluate each team. Four to five teams will present in each room. One team will be selected from each region by judges to compete in the finals.

The top teams in the final round will compete on Saturday afternoon. Each team in the finals will receive a plaque. The name of the winning team will be inscribed on the Bill Hurles Trophy. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Business casual is appropriate and expected. Business professional is also acceptable. Teams are also welcome to wear logo-embroidered Oxford or polo shirts during competition presentations to show school pride. T-shirts are not recommended.

Professional behavior is expected during competition and will be considered by judges in team evaluations. Attendance is required at all events.