Traditional M.B.A. requirements

The traditional M.B.A. program modality provides knowledge across multiple business disciplines, preparing you to succeed in many professional settings. Some courses are offered in-person while others are offered on-line. The program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours, or 12 courses, in addition to the completion of any required foundation courses. Foundation, core and elective courses are listed below.

Foundation requirements*

All foundation requirements must be completed before beginning core or elective requirements. However, your previous academic coursework will be reviewed in an effort to waive the maximum number of foundation courses you will need to complete.

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) is necessary for foundation courses. No individual grade below 2.0 (C) is acceptable.

Core requirements*

Through a profound cross-section of business operations, ethics, and strategy core courses, students develop well-rounded professional competencies. Each core course is three credits.

Elective requirements and concentrations*

The elective requirements and concentrations provide the opportunity to tailor the M.B.A. program to your specific interests and career goals. The three-course, nine-credit requirement*** can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Complete 3 elective business courses from a broad range of offerings, or
  • Complete 1 concentration, which consists of 3 courses.


You may also choose from 13 concentrations. Concentrations are not listed on the degree but will appear on your transcript.

  • Accounting Systems
  • Digital/Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources
  • Technology, Information Systems and Analytics (TISA)
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sport and Entertainment Management.

Declare your concentration

You can customize the M.B.A. program to your individual interests and goals by choosing from 13 optional concentrations. All M.B.A. concentrations require completion of three courses, allowing you to choose up to two concentrations while meeting the 18-credit hour elective requirement. Although students may initially select a concentration at the time they complete their application for admission, any further changes to the concentration, including adding a new concentration or changing a concentration, will not be possible until the student has completed at least one semester of their graduate studies. Please review the list of approved concentration classes online.

To complete a concentration, students must take at least three (3) unique elective courses from a pre-specified required list of courses. The concentration will appear on the student’s transcript, but not on the diploma. Students may not apply duplicate courses across concentrations.


  • Only students enrolled in the traditional M.B.A. program are eligible to add an Ilitch School concentration
  • You must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress (no academic probation)
  • Concentration request forms must be completed and submitted a semester/term before you apply for graduation. Once your graduation audit has started, you may no longer declare a concentration.
  • Due to revisions to the M.B.A. program that took effect in Fall 2023, students admitted in Fall 2023 or later may declare up to one concentration only. Students admitted prior to Fall 2023 may declare up to two concentrations.

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

Add M.B.A. Concentration

Please select your desired concentration(s) to add: A maximum of two (2) may be selected *

Remove M.B.A. Concentration

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*Program changes effective Fall 2023, current students should refer to the Academic Bulletin for a list of their program requirements.

**Students with undergraduate majors in accounting, management or marketing must substitute BA 7000, BA 7040 or BA 7050 with a 7000-level course within that discipline.

***Students admitted prior to Fall 2023 will need 6 MBA electives or can choose up to 2 MBA concentrations.