Zero-Credit Co-Op Program

WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business Cooperative Education (Co-op) allows you to gain practical/hands-on work experience and to apply what you've learned in the classroom. Many companies offer co-op opportunities on a parallel basis – meaning that you will work on a co-op worksite at the same time that you are taking classes (usually part-time at your co-op worksite, and full or part-time in school). You may also choose to complete a co-op in the Spring/Summer when your course load is lighter in order to work at your co-op full-time.

Co-Op requirements:

In order to apply for and receive approval for the 0-credit co-op course, you must meet the following requirements. Please note: You are not able to register in the 0-credit co-op course retroactively. 

  • Sophomore standing (minimum of 30 credits completed)
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.8
  • Accepted a co-op that aligns with your major

Registering your Co-Op:

If you've been offered a co-op opportunity by a company, you are able to register for the free, 0-credit co-op course to have your co-op experience documented on your transcript. You will be placed in the co-op course that aligns with your major: ACC 4500, FIN 4500, GSC 4500, ISM 4500, MGT 4500, or MKT 4500. Registering your co-op ensures that your co-op experience is well-documented to employers when you go to apply for your first job after graduation.

Co-Op process for business students:

  1. Obtain a co-op position.
  2. Complete the Business Co-Op Application (pdf).
  3. Submit your application with an offer letter and detailed job description to
  4. A Mike Ilitch School of Business Career Planning and Placement staff will review your request.
  5. Within 5 business days after submitting your request, you will be notified by email (WSU) if your request was approved or declined.
  6. If approved, the following steps will occur:
    • You will need to sign the Co-Op Student Agreement Form and email it back to
    • Career Planning and Placement will contact your Co-Op supervisor who will need to sign the Co-Op Employer Agreement Form.
    • Career Planning and Placement will contact Undergraduate Business Advising and your Business Academic Advisor will issue an override.
  7. You will need to register for the appropriate course once the override is administered: ACC 4500, FIN 4500, GSC 4500, ISM 4500, MGT 4500, or MKT 4500.

To earn a satisfactory grade:

  1. Your co-op internship supervisor will need to complete both a mid-semester and end-of-semester survey.
  2. You will need to complete the co-op reflection paper according to the reflection paper guidelines (pdf). The due date for this paper will be listed in your Co-Op Student Agreement Form.
  3. The responses from the two employer surveys, along with your reflection paper, will be reviewed by Career Planning and Placement staff. A satisfactory grade (S) will be posted once the survey evaluations and reflection paper have been reviewed and approved.

Complete list of Co-Op documents

Co-Op Program Instructions (pdf)
Co-Op Application (pdf)
Co-Op Reflection Paper Guidelines (pdf)