The WSU Mike Ilitch School of Business offers a rich learning experience through academic programs that prepare students for productive and rewarding careers in accounting and a lifetime of socially responsible citizenship in the global economy. Accounting graduates are employed as interns, executives, and everything in between at national corporations, the big four accounting firms and regional public accounting firms.

The Ilitch School student body reflects Michigan's diversity and its faculty are dedicated researchers, teachers and mentors. Ilitch School accounting programs meet Michigan's requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accountant exam and the educational requirements of the Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Professional Licensure Program Disclosure

Federal regulations require Wayne State University (WSU) to publicly disclose, for each educational program designed to meet the educational requirements for a specific professional license or certification required for employment in an occupation (or advertised as meeting those requirements), information about whether program completion would meet those requirements in a state. These public disclosure requirements apply to all programs, regardless of their modality (i.e., in-person, remote/online, and hybrid programs). 

The University has determined that the curriculum of the program leading to an M.S.A. or a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a major in Accounting at Wayne State University meets the educational requirements for students to sit for the CPA Examination in Michigan.

The information stated above is based on State educational requirements that were available to the program on June 24, 2024. WSU will continue to update, by program, which of its programs fully meet the requirements of other states for professional licensure and/or certification. Consequently, those students wishing to pursue licensure, who live in a state other than Michigan or those states listed above, should consult with the licensing board in their state to determine specific requirements of the program and whether the completion of an M.S.A. or a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a major in Accounting at Wayne State University would meet those requirements.

All current and prospective students are also encouraged to connect with the applicable professional licensure/certification boards in their respective states for additional information regarding non-educational requirements for professional licensure/certification, including, but not limited to, work experience, outside agency examinations, or background clearance.