Grade appeal procedure

It is the instructor's prerogative to evaluate student work and assign grades in accordance with his or her academic and professional judgment. Grounds for appeal of grades include: (1) the application of non-academic criteria in the grading process, as listed in the university's non-discrimination/affirmative action statute: race, color, sex (including gender identity), national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, familial status, marital status, height, weight, disability, or veteran status; (2) sexual harassment or discrimination; or (3) evaluation of student work by criteria not directly reflective of performance relative to course requirements. In those instances where a student disputes the final grade awarded, for one of more of the above reasons, the following steps should be taken to appeal the grade in question.

A. Informal review

The student should discuss the disputed grade with the instructor of the course. If the dispute is not resolved informally, the student may initiate a formal appeal.

B. Formal appeal procedure

1. Within 30 calendar days following official notification of final grades for the term in which the disputed grade was awarded, and when the informal review fails to resolve the dispute, the student shall submit a written appeal detailing his/her objection, along with supporting documentation in writing, to the instructor. The instructor should respond in writing within 10 work days.

2. If the dispute remains unresolved, the student shall submit a written statement detailing his or her objections, including a rationale why the department chair should consider this appeal (along with supporting documentation), to the department chair within 10 work days following receipt of the instructor's written response.

The chairperson shall review the complaint and provide a copy of the written complaint to the instructor. The instructor of the course shall be invited to reply in writing to the objections of the student. Where appropriate, the chairperson may consult with a Grade Appeals Committee for advice in grade disputes. Students will be notified of the chairperson's decision within 20 business days of receiving the request.

3. Matters not resolved at the program level may be appealed to the dean's office. The department chair file folder containing the course syllabus from the semester in which the student took the course, plus the student's letter, the instructor's letter, and the department chair's letter, and the student's written rationale why the dean's office should reconsider this appeal, should be sent to the dean's office. Where appropriate, the dean's office may consult with a Grade Appeals Committee for advice in grade disputes.

Students shall be notified in writing of the dean's office decision within 30 business days of receiving the request. The dean's office decision shall be the final decision at the college level.

C. University-level academic appeals procedure 

If, after your School/College appeal path is exhausted and you wish to continue with the grade appeal process, per the University Academic policy, you may request a Provost Review within 30 days of this decision. The request should be submitted via the online form located at  For assistance with the appeal process, you may contact the Ombuds Office at