Attila Yaprak published in marketing journal

Mike Ilitch School of Business Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business Attila Yaprak co-authored an article titled, “The Psychology of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Consumer Cosmopolitanism: A Five-Country Study of Values, Moral Foundations, Gender Identities, and Consumer Orientations.” The article has been accepted for publication in the International Marketing Review (IMR). The article discusses the importance of consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism as predictors of consumer responses toward domestic and foreign products.

IMR publishes research articles that push back the boundaries of international marketing knowledge. Their published articles feature novel research ideas and papers that add substance to, question the basic assumptions of, reframe or otherwise shape what people think we know within the international marketing field.

Yaprak’s co-authors are from Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


The importance of consumer ethnocentrism and cosmopolitanism as predictors of consumer responses towards domestic and foreign products has been well established. Much less is known about the establishment (i.e., the psychological makeup) of these consumer orientations. In this study involving consumers living in five European countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom), we fill this void by demonstrating how personal values, moral foundations and gender role identities function, in sequence, in terms of  establishing consumers’ ethnocentric and cosmopolitan orientations. Our conceptual framework is anchored primarily in identity and values theories, and focuses on the social categorizations that consumers make and how these contribute to the formation of these orientations. Our findings shed light on the psychology underpinning these orientations, and provide managers with a better understanding of how to profile and segment international consumer markets.


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