Attila Yaprak accepted for publication in Journal of Global Marketing

Mike Ilitch School of Business Professor of Marketing and International Business Attila Yaprak has had a manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Marketing, which is dedicated to advancing global marketing theories and practices, emphasizing research that addresses marketing strategies and challenges worldwide.

The manuscript, titled “Do Consumers Follow Their Hearts or Minds When Purchasing Global Brands? Empirical Insights,” was co-authored by former Ilitch School doctoral student Nayyer Naseem (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville).


We examine the influence of consumer affinity and perceived value on purchase intentions of global brands. We also explore if these effects vary with brand ownership, product category involvement, or brand familiarity. Using attitude theory and the elaboration likelihood model as conceptual anchors, we develop and test a model through SEM methodology on survey data in nine between-subject studies. We find that consumer affinity has a significant direct effect and perceived value has a significant mediated effect on purchase intentions and that the affective component of attitude has a stronger influence on the formation of brand attitude compared to the evaluative component, which is further accentuated for an aspirational brand. Insights gained from our study should enrich the consumer behavior literature and help managers develop more effective marketing strategies.

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