Study abroad

Wayne State University business students on a study abroad trip to Brazil.See the world

For Ilitch School students, we offer a growing array of faculty-led study abroad programs to Europe, Asia and South America, with new destinations in development. The Ilitch School also enjoys worldwide affiliations with colleges and universities on every continent, providing our students with individual, term-long study options.

Central Europe 


To register for a study abroad course, please contact your Ilitch School academic advisor for a course override.

An opportunity to explore

Expand your cultural knowledge, broaden your global awareness and increase your business acumen along the way!

It's a game-changer

Business students who can point to study abroad experiences on their resumes enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Employers seek students who can present evidence of a meaningful international study during their academic program.

Intrinsically, a study abroad experience will change you forever, giving you:

  • Global awareness 
  • Cultural awareness and cross-cultural skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Expanded interests
  • Self-awareness
  • New friends and networks
  • Increased language skills

Discover more about our faculty-led or individual study abroad opportunities. In 2020, new programs to Puerto Rico and England will be added, joining our annual programs to Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Individual exchange program opportunities have grown to 16 countries, 11 of which have specific business components.

Faculty-led programs Individual exchange programs