Finance Ph.D. graduates

Shriya Shekhar
Graduated 2023
Assistant professor of finance, Gonzaga University
Dissertation title: Essays on bank certification of initial public offerings
Dissertation committee: Dr. Sudip Datta (chair), Dr. Mai-Iskandar Datta, Dr. Francesca Toscano, and Dr. Young-Ro Yoon

Min-Jeong Kwon
Graduated 2023
Assistant professor, Mars Hill University
Dissertation title: Essays on the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Financial Decisions
Dissertation committee: Dr. Anand Jha (co-chair), Dr. Manoj Kulchania (co-chair), Dr. Mbodja Mougoue, Dr. Francesca Toscano, and Dr. Ashrafee Hossain

Trang Doan
Graduated 2018
Assistant professor of finance, Eastern Illinois University
Dissertation title: Gender in the C-Suite: Evidence from the CFO hiring decision
Dissertation committee: Dr. Mai-Iskandar Datta (chair), Dr. Sudip Datta, Dr. Manoj Kulchania, and Dr. Li Way Lee

Norkeith Smith
Graduated 2015
Assistant professor, California State University - Chico
Dissertation title: Essays on Horizontal Divestiture and Product Market Relationships
Dissertation committee: Dr. Ranjan D'Mello, Dr. Margaret Smoller, Dr. Atif Ikram and Dr. Li Way Lee

Matt Ross
Graduated 2014
Assistant professor, Western Michigan University
Dissertation title: Elections and Asset Pricing: The Politically Sensitive Equity of US Military Contractors
Dissertation committee: Dr. Mbodja Mougoué (chair)

Chenguang Shang
Graduated 2014
Assistant professor, Bentley University
Dissertation title: Deal Innovations in Mergers and Acquisitions: Do Go-Shop Provisions Create Real Benefits?
Dissertation committee: Dr. Sudip Datta (chair), Dr. Mai Iskandar-Datta, Dr. Scott Julian and Dr. Robert Rossana

Xinghua Gao
Graduated 2012
Assistant professor, Governor State University
Dissertation title: Economic Deregulation and Corporate Dividend Policy
Dissertation committee: Dr. Ranjan D'Mello (chair), Dr. Mbodja Mougoue, Dr. Margaret Smoller and Dr. Li Way Lee

Yonghong Jia
Graduated 2012
Assistant professor, Iowa State University
Dissertation title: Essays on International Cash Holdings
Dissertation committee: Dr. Mai Iskandar-Datta (chair), Dr. Sudip Datta, Dr. Mbodja Mougoué and Dr. Kevin Cotter

Mark Gruskin
Graduated 2011
Assistant professor, Penn State Lehigh Valley
Dissertation title: Essays on Reverse Leveraged Buyouts
Dissertation committee: Dr. Sudip Datta (chair), Dr. Ranjan D'Mello, Dr. Mai Iskandar-Datta, Dr. Robert Rossana