BELL Student Fellowship Program

These fellowships are competitive, and preference will be given to current students. The number of fellowships to be awarded each year will be subject to available funding. This is an excellent opportunity for graduate-level students and advanced undergraduate students interested in business development, product management, legal, or investment career paths. Working along with mentors and advisors affiliated with the BELL, selected students will be working with early-stage companies to develop financial models, evaluate potential markets, and fine-tune strategies for growth and business development. Through this program, early-stage startups benefit from increased access to the talented students, and students will benefit from the experience of working with these firms as they address the challenges of growing new ventures.

BELL Insights Series

The BELL is introducing an ongoing series of fireside chats, panel discussions and workshops designed to provide insights and inspiration. A range of topics on the minds of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs will be explored, and you can hear from experienced entrepreneurs who have brought their idea to life, develop a team and a culture to grow and to overcome challenges and setbacks along the way. Sessions will explore the various stages of venture development and a range of sectors and industries. These sessions will be open to WSU students, alumni, faculty and staff, startups, and local industry players.

BELL Challenge and Sprint

An inclusive, multi-stage process, this initiative begins with the identification of a focused set of opportunities ripe for entrepreneurial action and innovative thinking organized. Student teams subsequently proceed through a design sprint event and a series of workshops before entering a final selection stage, with ongoing support awarded to the teams having been judged to have the best opportunity for achieving market success. The 2021 challenge will be announced in August 2020, with important dates, rules, eligibility, and information about the judging process will be announced.