Career advising

If you need some help deciding on a career path or have other career-related questions, our staff is here to guide you. This service is available to all students and graduates of the Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Career advising can help you take that next step – or leap – forward. We can help in many ways, offering an invaluable outside perspective.

Advising is available by appointment and on select walk-in days.

Help choosing a major

Don’t have a major yet? We can help you choose one based on your interests, strengths and career-specific information for each major available at the business school.

Meeting with one of our career advisors can help you choose a major or learn more about career prospects for your major.

Career and salary outlook by major

The links below offer snapshots of each major’s career outlook.

The file below illustrates each Wayne State business major's salary breakdown, based on recent hiring data.