Interview preparation

You've worked hard on networking and applying to jobs and now you've landed an interview for your dream job or internship. It is critical that you spend time preparing to both alleviate your nerves and present yourself as effectively as possible. During your interview, the employer will be assessing your qualifications, evaluating your skills and experiences, and determining if you are a good fit with their company. The experience will also help you determine if the position and the company align with your interests, values, and goals.

In today's job market, employers tend to ask a mix of standard and behavioral interview questions, so it is important to spend time preparing and practicing answers for both. Career Planning and Placement has created a number of workshops and resources to help you develop and refine your interviewing skills. You can check out all of those resources below.

Short Recorded Basic Interviewing Workshop
Short Recorded STAR/Behavioral Interviewing Workshop
Interviewing Practice Guide
STAR Interviewing Practice Worksheet


After you've reviewed these resources, we encourage you to schedule a mock interview to get direct feedback and further prepare. To schedule a mock interview, reach out to Career Planning and Placement by phone at (313) 577-4781 or via email at

…and of course, don't forget thank you notes!

Thank you notes politely show gratitude to potential employers, recruiters, interviewers, references, and others. Sending a sincere, appreciative note shows you're grateful for their time and consideration. Always aim to send thank you notes within 24 hours of your interview, meeting, or networking interaction. Email thank you notes are acceptable, but a handwritten thank you can add a personal touch that helps you stand out.