Undergraduate Student Services offers '10 Minute Tuesdays'

On Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mike Ilitch School of Business students can drop in to the Undergraduate Student Services office without an appointment for quick help with tasks including override requests, hold releases, course schedules, and questions regarding registration, policies and procedures.

10 Minute Tuesdays are designed for very brief sessions with business school advisors; however, students are strongly encouraged to schedule advising appointments lasting up to 30 minutes by calling 313-577-4510 or online at wams.wayne.edu.

On 10 Minute Tuesday, advisors can:

  • Discuss undergraduate admission policies and procedures
  • Meet with current students throughout their academic career
  • Advise prospective and current students interested in majoring or minoring in business
  • Explain and interpret Ilitch School and Wayne State policies and procedures
  • Assist in processing registration requests
  • Handle Ilitch School hold releases
  • Process override requests
  • Discuss courses for the upcoming semester

10 Minute Tuesdays are listed on the Wayne State events calendar. Undergraduate Student Services is located in Prentis 200.

No appointment is needed for brief advising on 10 Minute Tuesdays. Advising appointments are available on Wayne State’s main campus Monday through Friday, and monthly at satellite campuses. Advisors can also be reached via email. Check the Undergraduate Student Services web page for hours, locations and contact information.

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