Tingting Yan accepted for publication in International Journal of Production Economics


Mike Ilitch School of Business Professor of Global Supply Chain Management Tingting Yan has had an article accepted for publication in the International Journal of Production Economics, which focuses on the interface between engineering and management, production, and all aspects related to manufacturing and the process industries.

The article, “Performance Implications of Knowledge Inputs in Inter-Organizational New Product Development Projects: The Moderating Roles of Technology Interdependence,” was co-authored by Lorenzo Lucianetti (D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy), Christoph Georg Schmidt (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) and Stephan Wagner (ETH Zürich, Switzerland).


Successful inter-organizational new product development (NPD) is a key source of competitive advantage, yet many NPD projects are still failing. To generate new insights on the phenomenon, we examine the performance implications of knowledge inputs among collaborating types of organizations, both in terms of external input ratio and input concentration. We test a set of hypotheses using multi-industry primary and secondary data on 210 inter-organizational NPD projects. Results support our hypotheses about the negative effect of input concentration on design quality, which in turn is positively associated with product market performance. Although we surprisingly find a negative linear effect of external input ratio on design quality, our post-hoc analysis confirms the relationship to be an inverse U-shaped relationship. We also find support for the roles of technology interdependence in moderating the performance implications of external input ratio and input concentration. By clarifying how knowledge inputs affect project outcomes under different levels of technology interdependence, the study provides managerial implications regarding how to select innovation partners in order to create a knowledge portfolio that best improves NPD project performance.

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