The Conversation: Kevin Ketels on pandemic-driven supply chain shortages

Kevin Ketels, lecturer of global supply chain management, wrote an article for The Conversation. "Walk into any U.S. store these days and you’re likely to see empty shelves. Shortages of virtually every type of product – from toilet paper and sneakers to pickup trucks and chicken – are showing up across the country. Looking for a book, bicycle, baby crib or boat? You may have to wait weeks or months longer than usual to get your hands on it. I recently visited my local ski shop and they had hardly a boot, ski, goggle or pole – two full months before ski season begins. The owner said he’s normally close to fully stocked around this time of the year. This may seem a little odd to some Americans given the U.S. has been living with the COVID-19 pandemic for over 19 months. Shouldn’t supply chains stressed by the onset of the pandemic have worked out their kinks by now? As someone who conducts research and teaches on the topic of global supply chain management, I believe there are four primary – and interrelated – reasons for the continuing crunch. And unfortunately for many, they won’t be resolved by the holidays."

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