The Conversation, Houston Chronicle, Albany Times-Union, New Haven Register, Fairfield Citizen, The Edwardsville Intelligencer, Detroit Legal News: Marick Masters on the future of organized labor

Marick Masters, professor of management and director of Labor@Wayne, wrote an article for The Conversation about the future of organized labor in an ever-changing market. "Collective bargaining has long been one of organized labor’s most attractive selling points. In its simplest form, collective bargaining involves an organized body of employees negotiating wages and other conditions of employment. In other words, unions are saying: Join us, and we’ll bargain with your boss for better pay. Unfortunately, traditional collective bargaining is no longer an effective strategy for labor union growth. That’s because employers and many states have made it incredibly hard for workers to form a union, which is necessary for workers to bargain collectively. My own research suggests unions should pursue alternative ways to organize, such as by focusing on more forceful worker advocacy and offering benefits like health care. Doing so would help unions swell in size, putting them in a stronger position to secure and defend the collective bargaining rights that helped build America’s middle class.”

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