Student spotlight: Jack Malloy

Jack Malloy is the vice president of IT services integration and quality at Henry Ford Health System. He is also a Wayne State MBA student with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

At age 62, Malloy isn’t your traditional student. He dropped out of college when he was 18 and went on to forge a successful career in information technology. But thirty years later, to set a good example for his then-teenage daughters, he finished his bachelor’s at Rochester College.

“The experience rekindled my love for school and greatly improved my effectiveness at work. The bachelor in business administration degree taught me key business concepts that I needed to know in my role as a director in IT.”

Malloy originally wanted to continue to get a master’s degree, but found it difficult to afford while he was supporting two children in college.

“Twelve years later, I was promoted to VP and I realized it was time. I decided to pursue an MBA, so I started shopping for business schools in the area,” he said. “I wanted a traditional program rather than an Executive MBA because I wanted to work at my own pace.”

He investigated several schools around the area, including Wayne State, but found out that his dream was crushed because of the high cost involved in pursuing an MBA.

“Then, I learned that Wayne State offers a 75 percent senior citizen discount for students 60 years and older. What a great benefit! I wouldn’t be back in school now if it weren’t for that discount,” he said.

Life as a college student

Malloy is halfway through his MBA program with a concentration in management.

“The courseware aligns well with my responsibilities at work,” he said. “It’s amazing, but I have been able to incorporate something I’ve learned from every course into my work – almost immediately.”

He said he has always been a straight A student because of his natural curiosity and resultant thirst for knowledge.

“I admit, it is more difficult now that I am older and especially since I’m working full-time at an executive level job. The secret for me has been good time management.”

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