Sophomore management and marketing major Yasmeen Abdullah has participated in internships at every Detroit major league sports team

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Yasmeen Abdullah 

Students looking to start a career in the sports and entertainment industry can consider themselves lucky to secure an internship at one major league team in their hometown. Yasmeen Abdullah, a rising sophomore in the management and marketing programs at the Mike Ilitch School of Business, has already worked for all of them. 

“I started with the Red Wings in September of 2022, a week into my freshman year,” says Abdullah. “A couple months into that I ended up joining the Pistons as well. Once the Red Wings season ended, I jumped over to the Tigers because they offered me a position in their athletics department, while also starting with Detroit City FC. Once the Lion’s training camp started, I was able to shift my schedule around so I could work full-time.” 

With such an impressive resume so early in her college career, it’s hard to believe that Abdullah never pictured herself in the sports industry. 

“If you told me last August that I would be working in sports, let alone for the Lions one year later, I would have told you that you were insane,” explains Abdullah. “I wasn’t the sports type that much growing up, but my family always loved basketball and football. Getting into this world did shift my perspective on the power of sports.” 

Part of Abdullah’s current role as a training camp assistant for the Detroit Lions involves marketing events at the training facilities and facilitating fan interactions. She says the most rewarding part of her internship is helping fans meet their sports heroes. 

“There’s thousands of fans and we don’t want all the players to all huddle together in one area, so we take that opportunity to move them around,” Abdullah explains. “Sometimes you see that cute kid whose eyes are lighting up and he just wants a certain player to come up to him, and it’s so great being able to be like ok, give me one second and I’ll see what I can do.” 

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Not only has Abdullah greatly enjoyed her working experience in the major leagues, but she now has a basis of experience and knowledge to start her career, along with contacts at every major Detroit sports team. 

“I’ve made so many connections. Andrew Frey, the Director of Marketing Events for the Lions, has been such an amazing help,” says Abdullah. “He takes the time to break down every step of event planning and teaches us how he approaches the situations he encounters. He is always showing us how we can build from our experiences and apply those to our future careers.” 

Abdullah’s decision to attend the Mike Ilitch School of Business came at the last minute, but placed her near Little Caesars Arena, Comerica Park and Ford Field which enabled her to pursue these opportunities. 

“I was dead set on going to Michigan State University, but right as I was about to accept my offer I had this weird feeling about Wayne State, that there was something enticing about it,” says Abdullah. “I looked into it and loved the downtown location. Especially in the business school, everyone is so connected to downtown and their work life.” 

As Abdullah pursues her intended career path of marketing and community impact, she will be well positioned to accept and excel in any role she finds herself in. 

-Patrick Bernas, Information Officer III

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