Scholarship Spotlight: Clare Zgoda, ‘20, MBA ‘21, found her true passion in accounting

Winner: Clare Zgoda
City: Wyandotte
Major: Accounting, Management Information Systems

Clare’s story

My name is Clare Zgoda and I am an accounting and management information systems double major in the business school. I have always had an interest in personal finance and investing so when I decided to choose business, this is where I started. I then was inspired by an accounting professor to make the switch from finance to accounting, and it was one of the best life decisions I have ever made! I have found my true passion which is taxation through this switch, and I am excited to wake up in the morning and go to my internships and learn. I then decided that I was going to double major because it would help me reach 150 credits, and it would help me get my M.B.A. electives. After asking around for people’s opinions on the best major to go with accounting, most people responded with finance. However, there were some people who told me anything technology-related. This helped me to gear my focus toward information systems management. This major has helped me to increase my understanding of technology, which is huge in today’s world. With the everyday advancements in technology, being able to get my hands on some of this information has been truly incredible. I love the world of business so much and feel so empowered to be successful as a woman in business. That is why I am also doing my M.B.A. at WSU. I feel this will give me insights into all aspects of business which will help me with all things business.

Career objectives

As a very career-driven person in life, I have many career objectives. Upon graduation, I will be pursuing a career in public accounting, and focusing my career on taxation. Through WSU’s AGRADE program I will be able to complete my M.B.A. and 150 credits at the same time. This will make me eligible to sit for the CPA exam. Upon completion of my M.B.A. and CPA, I will start my career in public accounting at a public accounting firm. Last winter I interned at KPMG and was able to secure a full-time offer there through a successful internship. This winter I am interning at Plante Moran where I am hoping to have another successful internship and secure another full-time offer. After this I will then decide where I want to start my career. My end goal is to become a tax partner at a public accounting firm. This is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I do believe I am capable.

Since this original spotlight was written, Clare has successfully completed her M.B.A. and is currently working as a management consultant at Plante Moran.

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