MPREP scholar Ahmed Doudi is accepted into Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series for 2023

Headshot of Ahmed Doudi in a suit
Ahmed Doudi

Freshman finance major Ahmed Doudi was scrolling through LinkedIn one afternoon when he came across an advertisement for the Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series.  

“It just came up on my feed and I thought I'd see if a person like me, who doesn’t come from a target school like many of the individuals in the program would have an opportunity to get in,” explains Doudi. “I applied and luckily I was accepted.”  

The Goldman Sachs Virtual Insight Series is a four-week program where students learn what it is like to work for a large financial institution. The course work and networking opportunities with instructors and other students aim to acclimatize students to the corporate world and help ease their transition into investment banking.  

“Everyone in the program has the same goal of finding their way inside Goldman, which is such a prestigious company,” says Doudi. “I have classmates from UCLA, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford. It’s surreal being around so many people with the same goal.” 

His peers in the program are not the only people in Doudi’s life who share his goals. His family also pushed him to explore the world of business. 

“My dad is a CPA, and I have three older sisters who all ventured into business,” explains Doudi. “One of them is an investment banker, she works for J.P. Morgan, so for me I always want to follow in her footsteps, and I felt like this would be the perfect way to start.”  

Doudi applied for this opportunity among others at the urging of Lauren Scott, director of the MPREP learning community of which Doudi is a member. For Doudi, this community has made a big difference during his first year of college. 

“Seeing people like me succeed is such a big thing, and a big factor for me,” says Doudi. “You hear a lot about black excellence, but you don’t see it as much in the business and corporate world. A group like that with a lot of motivated people who want to succeed really helps.”  

Doudi still has a way to go before realizing his dream of working for a major banking institution, but he feels prepared for any opportunities that come his way.  

“Now when I apply to other companies and go through interviews, I have a better idea of what to expect,” says Doudi. “I think that if you just be a go-getter, you can achieve anything at Wayne State.”  

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