Ilitch School custodian Michael Seldon featured in Profiles in Warrior Strong

At the Dec. 4 meeting of the Board of Governors, four members of the Wayne State community were recognized who, despite the challenges of the pandemic, “have found innovative ways to adapt and continue to serve our mission, who have maintained an unshakable optimism despite the negative and frightening news, and — most of all — who have helped others through this difficult time.” One of the honorees is a familiar face to Mike Ilitch School of Business students, faculty and staff.

Their stories were called Profiles in Warrior Strong, and helped acknowledge positive happenings during a time filled with so many negatives. Interim Provost Laurie Lauzon Clabo introduced the recipients and asked them to share their experiences. 

When the pandemic first hit and most employees were sent home to work, Ilitch School custodian Michael Seldon volunteered to work so that police officers, researchers and others still reporting to campus wouldn’t have to empty their own trash and clean their areas. 

“If you’ll remember, at that time there was a lot more uncertainty and fear about the virus, so in my mind, his actions were nothing short of heroic,” said Clabo. 

When asked why he chose to come into work at the beginning of the pandemic, Seldon said, “If I stayed home, then the buildings would become germ-filled. So, I took care of my home, and then I came in and took care of my other home.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling. I enjoy working with people and definitely trying to be a problem-solver toward anything that may affect us all.”

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