Ilitch School Announces Christopher Mattingly and Katie Maple McBride to receive Corporate Mentor Program Founders Award 

Christopher Mattingly

The Mike Ilitch School of Business has announced that Christopher Mattingly and Katie McBride have been selected to receive the Corporate Mentor Program Founders Award at the 43rd annual Recognition and Awards Program.

Mattingly graduated from WSU in 1983 with a B.A. in Operations Management and began his career at Chrystler as a Manufacturing Supervisor. He rose up the Chrystler corporate ladder until his retirement in 2023 from his role as Vice President of North American Transporation.

Throughout his career, Mattingly strove to implement and optimize innovative technologies to strengthen Stellantis’s North American supply chain.

A passionate mentor, Mattingly received recognition from Stellantis’s Purchasing and Supply Executive Vice President for his 10 years of leadership in the Latins in Connection mentoring program.

Katie McBride

McBride received her B.A. in Public Relations from Marietta College and her M.A. in Organizational Communication from Wayne State. She currently is serving as chairperson of the Ilitch School Board of Visitors.

Her career has included multiple communications executive roles at General Motors before leaving the company in 2016 to lead R3 Communications, a consulting practice. She also works for the LHH International Center for Executive Options as an executive coach, advisor and thought leadership expert.

McBride is also cofounder of Catapult, a firm that helps mentor young people in how to build relationships and make informed career decisions.

Mattingly and McBride will be honored on November 17, 2023, at the 43rd annual Recognition and Awards Program at the Roostertail. They will be honored next to the recipients of this year’s Michigan Executive of the Year Award, Emerging Leader Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, Outstanding Student Award, Inspirational Teacher Award, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hall of Fame Award.

To RSVP and purchase tickets, which are $150 each, please use the online reservation system.

For more information, to view past winners or to nominate someone for a future award please visit Signature Awards - Mike Ilitch School of Business - Wayne State University.  

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