Fox 2 News: Ilitch School alumna partners with friend to assist disabled people, by way of magnetic buttons

"I could barely breathe," said James Murtha. "I had to focus on pushing air in and out using my diaphragm and so for a while, I couldn't move, I couldn't move my right arm for more than a year and a half after the accident." An accident that Murtha can't forget. In 2014 he was mountain biking in Colorado, when he went too fast and lost control."I was going to hit a tree at some point so as a reflex, I hit the brake and then my momentum took me over the handlebars and I landed on my head," he said, "and I was instantly paralyzed." Left unable to use part of his boy , Murtha's life was put on hold. He's been able to regain a lot of movement in his body including his hands, but things are still difficult. He went on to get a masters in social work from the University of Michigan. And now, with the help of his friend Gina Adams, they're starting a company that addresses some of the struggles he faces. It's called Buttons2Button.

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