Faculty Spotlight: Boram Do

The Mike Ilitch School of Business welcomed Boram Do, assistant professor of management, to the faculty in the fall semester.

Do earned her Ph.D. in management and organization from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. She spent one year teaching at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor before coming to Wayne State.

Unlike many business professors, Do holds a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering  and worked shortly in a construction company in South Korea. She said many of the workers there were neither motivated nor satisfied, despite good pay and benefits. She realized that many of those issues originated from behavior issues when she took a course in Organizational Behavior.

“I loved the course so much and wanted to start contributing academically,” she said. “We are all emotional animals with our own desire for autonomy and self-expression. We don’t just work for money. Understanding and managing such desires are key in our organizational life.”

Do said she’s impressed by Ilitch School students and their commitment to their educational community and Detroit.

“I have many students who are originally from Detroit having strong attachment to both the city and the school,” she said. “Wayne State has a strong identity as a Detroit school.”

Being positioned in the heart of Detroit provides students with access to a number of industries, too, she said. “Wayne State is a truly urban campus with great accesses to various companies, including many entrepreneurs in Detroit. It’s a huge advantage.”

This semester she is offering courses EI 5400 and EI 7400, Management and Leadership Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. “I have many students in these classes who have very creative business ideas which fit the city’s needs and interests,” she added.

“It is a great pleasure to work with these passionate future entrepreneurs of Detroit.”


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