Detroit News: Marick Masters on GM and UAW contract update

With a 60 percent majority of United Auto Workers so far voting yes on a new contract with General Motors Co., experts say it's difficult to see how members would reject the proposed new contract with General Motors Co. As of Thursday morning, 55 percent of the workers still to vote would need to cast ballots against the deal for ratification to fail. But some of the automaker’s largest plants — producing GM’s most profitable vehicles — have yet to vote. Overwhelming no votes cast by large locals in Arlington, Texas, Wentzville, Missouri, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, together accounting for roughly 28 percent of UAW-GM’s 48,000 members, could sway the vote into negative territory. "Right now by what I see it's likely to pass by a comfortable margin," said Marick Masters, business professor and former director of labor relations at Wayne State University.

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