CARMA live webcast features experts in qualitative research methods

Anne Smith and John Van MaanenThe Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) hosted its fifth live webcast event of the CARMA Consortium Webcast Program on February 24 at Wayne State University. The presentations were geared toward researchers who use qualitative methods to investigate organizational topics.

Anne Smith of the University of Tennessee presented “Photo Elicitation as a Data Source,” and John Van Maanen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology presented “Ethnographic Writing.”

A total of 294 faculty and students from 41 of CARMA Consortium Webcast member universities viewed the webcast online, and 30 of Wayne State’s faculty and students attended both the webcast and the “Meet the Methodologist” interviews with both presenters which were broadcast live on Facebook.

CARMA has one more live webcast on April 20 with Ron Landis of Illinois Institute of Technology and Lawrence James of Georgia Institute of Technology.

For more information about CARMA and its live webcasts, visit the CARMA website, as well the Facebook , Twitter and YouTube pages.