Business Student Senate hosts Tech Talks featuring Detroit startup leaders

Wayne State University Business Student Senate and WSU Blackstone LaunchPad are bringing together Detroit business professionals to host two Tech Talks on March 5 and 19. You’ve heard of TED Talks, well these “Tech Talks” are for students interested in learning about how Detroit business professionals have turned their startups into stable companies and transformed the ideology of what it means to be a company. 

"The Business Student Senate is excited to be able to bring together successful business professionals from Detroit to interact and network with students at Wayne State University," said Natalia Kumar, chief executive officer of WSU’s Business Student Senate. "Our main goal with the Tech Talk event is to allow students to learn from successful business professionals in the Detroit area what it takes to start their own businesses and stand out in today's competitive business world."

On March 5, Ryan Landau the 24-year-old co-founder of the online office supplier Chalkfly, will discuss the challenges he faced when starting his own businesses, lessons learned along the way and advice that students can utilize in the future.

On March 19, Leslie Smith, CEO of the business accelerator TechTown, will talk about what TechTown can do for students. She will provide advice to students looking to start their own businesses, explain how to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur and what it takes to stand out in today's business world. 

"The Business Student Senate hopes the event will inspire students who are interested in entrepreneurship by showing them how people who were once in their shoes were able to rise to the top," Kumar said.

The free events will be held in WSU Alumni House from 4-6 p.m. Refreshments will be served and business casual attire is advised. RSVP at


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