Anand Jha and Mbodja Mougoue accepted for publication in Journal of Corporate Finance

Mike Ilitch School of Business Associate Professor of Finance Anand Jha and Professor of Finance Mbodja Mougoue have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Corporate Finance, which publishes original, high-quality papers on both theoretical and empirical corporate finance.

The paper, titled “Credit Ratings and Social Capital,” was co-authored by Ashrafee Hossain (Memorial University – Canada) and Takdir Hossain (Concordia University – Canada).


We posit that credit ratings are higher for firms headquartered in high social capital regions, where managers are more likely to be trustworthy. To test this hypothesis, 9,460 corporate debt ratings of US firms from 2001–2015 was examined. We find that firms headquartered in a county with high social capital in the US have a higher credit rating. This effect is incremental and economically comparable to that of corporate social responsibility. Additional tests suggest that the impact of social capital on ratings is likely because analysts find them more credible. We conclude that credit analysts may consider the social norm around the firm’s headquarters when rating firms.

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