‘A Fine Line’ movie night and call to action

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published by the School of Medicine

As the nation confronts the COVID-19 pandemic and struggles with issues related to race, the Wayne State University School of Medicine’s Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development does not want to lose sight of another important battle: gender equity across disciplines.

The office, together with several partners across the WSU campus, will host a social event to allow the community to connect virtually to understand the battles many women face in their endeavors to rise to leadership roles in their industries. The documentary, “A Fine Line – A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen,” will be streamed to underline the importance of diversity, inclusion and equity in achieving excellence.

The thought-provoking film illustrates many of the challenges that women, especially women of color, face as they juggle careers and domestic responsibilities. Organizers have collaborated with documentary’s producer to arrange a special screening of the 70-minute film at 5 p.m. Sept. 10 for the WSU community. A link will be provided to all who register for this event.

To make the event more meaningful, organizers will send a bingo card with several themes that contribute to gender inequity in the workplace. Viewers may print the card and mark the themes they recognize as they view the film. The first to type “bingo” in the chat will be eligible for a small prize.

A discussion of the film and reactions it provokes is scheduled for noon Sept. 15 to foster collaborative brainstorming to identify initiatives to address inequities in the workplace.

For more information, contact Kate Laimbeer at 313-577-0216 or wims@med.wayne.edu.

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