Law minor for all Wayne State students

As an undergraduate student, our law minor offers you the chance to benefit from faculty with expertise in law and business harnessed in one synergetic program. You will engage with the Mike Ilitch School of Business and the Law School in a cooperative endeavor that will combine the skills and talents of two of the finest units in the university.

The law minor will develop skills traditionally associated with "thinking like a lawyer" (logical and critical thinking, oral and written communication, reading comprehension and analysis). This opens up a number of desirable career opportunities with some legal component, including jobs in local and state government, immigration, human resources, compliance and advocacy. On the business side, the law minor will broaden your understanding of business principles and practices you will encounter throughout your career, no matter your field of expertise.

Undergraduate students in any major who have a minimum 2.5 GPA are eligible to apply for a law minor. A minimum grade of C is required in all of the law minor courses.

If you are interested in completing a minor in law, please contact a Mike Ilitch School of Business advisor or call 313-577-4505.

Law minor requirements

The law minor involves six classes and a total of 18 credits. You will need to take three classes each in business and three in law. The nature of these classes depends on whether you are a business or non-business major.

For business majors, the law minor consists of one prerequisite business course, three additional business courses and three law courses. For non-business majors, the law minor requires three business courses and three law courses.

Business major prerequisite course

BLW 2510   Business Law and Ethics

Business major required courses

BLW 5190   Business Law II

Plus two of the following:

Non-business major required courses

BLW 2510   Business Law and Ethics

Plus two of the following:

Required new law courses for all students pursuing this minor

The list of required business course options provides you with the flexibility to pursue areas that are of particular interest to you. You are encouraged to talk with a business school advisor about your options.