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M.B.A. Requirements

The M.B.A. program provides knowledge across multiple business disciplines, preparing students to succeed in many professional settings.

The program includes foundation, core and elective courses as described below. Course details are available by clicking each course name.

Foundation Requirements

All foundation requirements must be completed before beginning core or elective requirements.

Prior academic work dictates the number of foundation courses that must be completed. For some students, these requirements may be waived entirely. For others, as many as eight foundation courses may be required.

Applicants' academic backgrounds are individually examined by the Graduate Committee to determine the amount of foundation coursework needed.

In addition to the courses listed below, one college-level mathematics course and one business information systems course are required.

A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is necessary for foundation courses. No individual grade below 2.0 is acceptable.

BA 6000  Financial Reporting: Accounting Module
BA 6005  Basics of Corporate Finance  (course waiver information)
BA 6010  Basics of Business Economics
BA 6015  Marketing Foundations
BA 6020  Contemporary Principles of Management
BA 6025  Basics of Production/Operations Management
BA 6090  Quantitative Analysis: Theory and Applications
BA 6100  Analytical Writing for Business

Notes: All courses are 2 credits. BA 6100 is waived for students who score 3.5 or higher on the GMAT Writing Assessment

Core Requirements

These courses form the core of the M.B.A. program. All courses are 3 credits.

Through a profound cross-section of business operations, ethics and strategy, students develop well-rounded professional competencies.

BA 7000*  Managerial Accounting
BA 7020   Corporate Financial Management
BA 7040*  Managing Organizational Behavior
BA 7050*  Marketing Strategy
BA 7070   Social Perspectives on the Business Enterprise
BA 7080   Strategic Management

*Students with undergraduate majors in accounting, management or marketing must substitute a more advanced course for the corresponding core course.

Elective Requirements and Concentrations

Elective courses and concentrations provide an opportunity to tailor the program to individual needs. These courses provide depth in subject areas to help you customize your M.B.A. program to meet your goals.

A total of 18 elective credit hours are required, with the option of choosing one or more concentrations.

We offer 13 concentrations, each requiring a minimum of 9 credit hours. Students who do not choose a concentration can customize their electives to their personal interests.

Read more about our concentrations here. Elective courses are listed in the course catalog and schedule of classes.

Please note: No subject area is designated on your degree, but concentrations will appear on your transcript.